I am a pearl that comes from dirt, 

it took me a while to come out of my shell.

Little did I know that i still was in the sea,

trapped in the current and flowing through it.

I know that one day I’ll make it to shore,

but while that happens, here’s all I’m living for. 



Pearls are a marvelous thing, they form from small particles inside of oysters and other mollusks. Even though they are rare in nature, nowadays you can find cultured ones from farmers. I’ve always been fascinated by them because of their shine, their beauty and because they can be used symbolically to represent a lot of things. 

A lot of myths exist around pearls and their meaning, some cultures believed that pearls were the tears of mermaids, spirits of nature and even the moon, in others they represented wealth, wisdom and only royalty could wear them. In some religions they represent purity, they are used in the bible as a symbol of salvation and as a representation of the word of God  and in catholicism, they are often associated with Virgin Mary.

Since they’re formed from small particles, i think that pearls represent the different stages in life, through it we learn from all of our experiences, no matter if they are good or bad and we grow. They represent how we have the power to work through adversity to create something beautiful and evolve when we become better versions of ourselves. They represent happiness and achievements, they represent how everyone can turn all the negativity and “dirt” of their lives into a beautiful pearl. 

I also see them as a representation of the different sides of a person, we all have had different experiences and because of it, we see things from a personal perspective. We all are different and have different abilities. Each thing that form us is a pearl, every experience we have had, every tear we have shed and every laughter we have had is a pearl, we all are made of pearls! That’s why I am…

-Boy Of Pearls

Las perlas son una cosa maravillosa, se forman a partir de pequeñas partículas dentro de las ostras y otros moluscos. A pesar de que son raras en la naturaleza, hoy en día se pueden encontrar cultivadas por agricultores. Siempre me han fascinado por su brillo, su belleza y porque se pueden usar simbólicamente para representar muchas cosas.

Existen muchos mitos en torno a las perlas y su significado, algunas culturas creían que las perlas eran lágrimas de sirenas, espíritus de la naturaleza e incluso de la luna, en otras representaban riqueza, sabiduría y solo la realeza podía usarlas. En algunas religiones representan pureza, se usan en la Biblia como símbolo de salvación y como representación de la palabra de Dios y en el catolicismo, a menudo se asocian con la Virgen María.

Ya que se forman a partir de pequeñas partículas, creo que las perlas representan las diferentes etapas de la vida, a través de esta aprendemos de todas nuestras experiencias, sin importar si son buenas o malas y crecemos. Representan cómo tenemos el poder de trabajar a través de la adversidad para crear algo hermoso y evolucionar al convertirnos en mejores versiones de nosotros mismos. Representan felicidad y logros, representan cómo todos podemos convertir toda la negatividad y la “suciedad” de nuestras vidas en una hermosa perla.

También las veo como una representación de los diferentes lados de una persona, todos hemos tenido experiencias diferentes y por eso vemos las cosas desde una perspectiva personal. Todos somos diferentes y tenemos diferentes habilidades. Cada cosa que nos forma es una perla, cada experiencia que hemos tenido, cada lágrima que hemos derramado y cada risa que hemos tenido es una perla, ¡todos estamos hechos de perlas! Por eso soy…

-Boy Of Pearls

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