Sunny, Warm and Joyful: A Photo Story.

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On my last photography class before quarantine, we visited Guadalajara’s Historic Downtown, and while I was there, I realized how we all look over everything that is common for us, and how exciting this same things can be for foreigners since they’re not used to it. Here’s my first ever photo story, where I recap that day through my favorite pictures I took.

This picture was taken at Parque Rojo, after we waited twenty minutes for our teacher to arrive. Turns out, she was waiting for us across the street on the other half of the park.
Here we have one of the top corners of a building, reminding us that a lot of historic buildings turned into stores and the only thing left reminiscing of our past is their facade. I also love that it looks like the cloud is resting on it.
This is a picture from a poster left behind by the women who marched the sunday before our visit because of International Women’s Day. I love how much this black and white poster truly transmitted what went down that day.
Next we entered the Ex Convento Del Carmen. There weren’t any art exhibitions but there were a lot of shadows, which i really enjoy, specially if they’re caused by plants.
I took this while we were waiting to cross the street. I specifically love it because it was until I was back home that I noticed the woman inside of the bus. who was looking directly to the camera and smiling.
This is another corner from a building that looked like it went through a fire at some point… or at least that’s the expanation that I found for those black spots.
Next we have Guadalajara’s Cathedral, reminding us everyday how much catholicism is still engraved in our culture and our history. By this part of the trip, the whole group got dispersed in smaller groups because some of us wanted to keep going, and others really took their time taking pictures.
Here’s a close up of the facade of the Teatro Degollado. Funny enough, this theater always reminds me how there was a rumour that said that the religious siters from my school lied and charged for the tickets, when the government lended it for the 75th anniversary celebration. Ironically, the inscription on it that says “Que nunca llegue el rumor de la discordia”, tells us that we should keep ourselves out of other people’s business. 
To finish we have my favorite picure of the day, it was taken when we were going back to the train station and as you can see, the sun was starting to go down.

I truly enjoyed going to Guadalajara’s Historic Downtown, it was interesting because as I stated in the beginning, I usually tend to look over everything around me when I go to buy fabric and sewing supplies, since I try to do it as fast as I can, I don’t take the time to truly appreciate the details that surround me. Plus I had a great time with my classmates.

This is a reminder for me that after this has all passed, I should try to be more aware of my present and try to enjoy the small things in life that surround me. I would also like to look back at these pictures in the future and remember the city I grew up in like it was that day, sunny, warm and joyful.

Please take care! 

Love, -BOP

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